MIHP - Billy Frank

MIHP- Producer Billy Frank

Client - 12/2017 Upgrades in process

MIHP creates visual media solutions to translate brands and tell a story. By provoking a response, you capture the audience in a real-life scenario presented through digital media.  The production safeguarding their image forever in the viewer's mind. MIHP is invested in the lives and dreams of our creative staff. The client experience is optimal when seeking greatness presented with digital media production. Media invested in Humanity and Purpose = MIHP


Great Work! She took the time to talk with me about my plans, project, and future goals. The work was done in a timely fashion and everything I expected." Billy Frank


Dr. Credit king - chayo briggs

Client- 06/2017 - Ongoing

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability (Coming soon.....) is designed as a pathway to understanding a good credit rating. We know such issues are daunting, but you may need to borrow money from a lender. We need to understand and learn the concept of good credit defines our creditability and good credit is our genetic makeup so we must learn to delete toxic accounts, such as collections, inquiries, charge offs and public records. Therefore, a good credit score will make the process easier. Your credit score determines two things that can affect your loan approval.  First, lending money entails risk; lenders need to know you are reliable. Second, your credit score determines the terms of your loan.

Your Credit Defines Your Creditability
Psychiatrists of Denver

Website Content

06/2017 - Psychiatrists of Denver

At Psychiatrists of Denver, our team of experts strives to assist individuals with life-altering fears that inhibit their growth in society. Some apprehensions may be simple challenges that need encouragement or guidance to overcome the problem. While other’s may have more debilitating anxieties that require intensive counseling to resolve issues. Sometimes these concerns can be lifelong situations and necessitate a developmental process. Regardless, of the person’s challenges our Psychiatrist team of counselors will assess the situation and work to achieve an outcome through growth awareness, peace and improved amounts of satisfaction in one’s life.


Well done, a pleasure to work with." Drrsingh


Tim HOffman & associates

Client - 08/2015 Business Logo Design

Tim Hoffman and Associates


The order was placed and filled quickly, professionally, and flawlessly! We are headed into MUCH more work together - the courteous and friendly service is OUTSTANDING! THANK YOU!" Tdls47


George Mansour

George Mansour - Unhackable

Are You Prepared for the Space Warfare of the Future?

Our data, our information, our lives are being tracked and stored in satellites. What happens when those satellites are attacked?

How can we interact with technology and protect ourselves when EVERYTHING is tracked?

The internet is constantly being tweaked to follow your patterns, your tastes, your opinions. It shows you only what you want to see.

So how can you be on the grid, but not of the grid?

You've Got to Consider the End Goal

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4 Horsemen of the Great Metropolis

Stephen E. Thress - Author

Client - 10/2017 - Ongoing (Movie Script coming soon....)

The Four Horsemen of the Great Metropolis is derived from an epiphany. A revolution if you will, to symbolize a vision. An apocalyptic dream summarizing the end of times. It’s a preconceived notion that “The Apocalypse” is something bad. In biblical accounts, revelations are the end of something old and the beginning of a new more vibrant future. A foretold prospect of heaven on earth.


Great writer and an inspirational leader." Stephen E. Thress

Marcy Mikanian - Author

 Client - 08/2017 Ongoing  Sniper- Coming Soon...

Mark’s heart pumped wildly in his chest. “What have I done?”

Rose used him, a pawn in a sad game of chess. The thoughts raced in his head, “Oh, Lord what have I done?”


"I recommend Lizzy McNett because she is very prompt to answer any questions you may have. She is very knowledgeable, so easy to work with and her fee is very reasonable. I really like working with her. Thanks, Lizzy Your friend in Ontario, Canada "


Della Alexander - Logo

Della Alexander - Author

Client - 05/2017 Ongoing (Beaten but Untouched)

The actual scene of my new life smacked me square in the face, laughing at my stupidity. My situation left me two options both would change things forever. (A) Pray and wait on God. (B) Take matters into my own hands. The decision guided me away from the Lord; I bought a gun.

Beaten but Untouched


This is so MEEEEE! I Love It! I'm so excited to get my book completed with your help. DAlex

There is no word to express how I feel about what Lizzy McNett has done for me. She is an amazing woman of God sent to me by divine appointment. When I spoke to her on the phone for the first time within 5 minutes of our initial conversation I began to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and I said to her I feel like crying because I knew she was sent by God to help me in the next phase of my book. I prayed for someone that I could trust and that would proof and edit my book for me which was all I could afford. It was as though she took the wheel and lead me  I loved every idea and suggestion she put on the table and she made it affordable for me. I shared my vision and what I wanted and she delivered every single time.

Warmly, Della Alexander  Riverside, CA

Kim's Kafe

Client - 03/2016 Logo Design

Kims Kafe


So impressed! Prompt professional service, I am happy to have a partner to work with!" Kms

General workforce

General Workforce

Client - 05/2017 Business Profile


We build relationships based on trust; therefore, optimizing synergy, productivity, while adding innovation reducing losses. Below is a short list of our clients


Automobile/General Workforce offers experienced stock associates to assist in managing your business’s contingent workforce. We will help you integrate a customized staffing solution that reduces cost, enhances productivity and streamlines the requisition process. Our company can recruit candidates from our database to reduce your cost and administration burden associated with the hiring process.


She was very prompt, and understanding to our needs. Thank you Great Job!" DK

Ander Johnson - Author

Client 05/09 Ongoing

In this time of economic uncertainty and job dissatisfaction, what is your Career Plan B?

If you are graduating, how certain are you about tomorrow, given the daily business headlines? Unhappy with your career choice? You are not alone. Whether or not you’re employed, every person should have a backup plan.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire formula that will create career leverage Expert, Andre Johnson America’s #1 Career Empowerment Coach can give you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the job market today.

Unemployment is Not a JOKE!

“Don’t let what you don’t know cost you your next job.”

Unemployment is Not a Joke

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