Minimizing Distractions

Deliberate Brainwork – By Lizzy McNett


Chapter Four: Distractions Deliberate Brainwork

Distractions riddle everyone at a point or another. The important factor is learning how to manipulate the issues; by maintaining interferences, progress will proceed. Once you can gain control, the ability to overcome will prevail.  We have all heard the saying, “Time is Money,” that is what diversions cost us. No one can afford disruptions, especially entrepreneurs. Therefore, understanding how to restrain your thoughts and circumstances will help diminish the occurrences.

These pesky little nuisances come in two forms; Internal and External.

External distractions are sometimes out of our control. Diversions are always unforeseen, but the way you handle the situation is the point.

A few examples:

  • Unexpected Guest
  • Phone call from your best friend, or a new love interest
  • Shopping for non-essential items
  • Tending to your family
  • Illness or death of a loved one
  • Employment responsibilities

Internal distractions arise from our mind. Immediate thoughts meant to disrupt your plan. When the feelings emerge, they are remnants of a bad habit trying to resurface.

A few examples:

  • Excuse for going to the store
  • Maintaining a constant connection with social media sites
  • A nap due to feeling boredom
  • Playing instead of working on your dreams
  • Watching TV

Diversions kill success if left uncontrolled. We will discuss some alternatives to minimize their power over your life.

Professionals possess some theories about what internal causes force these distractions to surface.

  • Worry of inadequacy
  • Boredom searching for your real purpose
  • An intimidating project
  • Loneliness or Co-dependent
  • Uncertainty of an outcome
  • Fear of failure

Carefully examine the reason for your conflict, it may not always be a bad instinct. Anytime a gut-wrenching knot is telling you to stop, STOP. The emotion is there for a reason. A crucial key to accomplishing your goals is understanding your mind and body. But, be mindful the resistance is real. A daily schedule can help reduce anxiety and alleviate stress.

Govern External Distractions

There are several options for governing external interruptions.

Plan Ahead: Figure out the biggest distractions in your life. Then, order them by priority. If you have a family, take care of their needs first, leaving time to complete your tasks. Or pets; use the same process. The type of the interference does not matter, find ways to work around their troublesome effects and move forward.

Handle the disturbance quickly:  In other words, by planning your daily schedule minimizes the distractions. It may even be necessary to incorporate the entire week. Set boundaries, for yourself and family.

Productive free zones: The first task is to secure a peaceful place. A Plan only works in this space, never entertain or socialize. It allows your brain to adjust its yearnings and decrease internal disruptions. Keep focused.

Minimize Internal Distractions

Some other options:

Be the Boss:  Internal distractions offer a different set of rules. They require a higher commitment to maintain and overcome. Here are five techniques you can use:

Face the problems: Unfounded emotions are proven to have developed from fear. In most cases, the fear is failure.  (FEAR) Forget Everything And Run. A silly statement for a ridiculous action. Disappointment is a second chance to start over.  It’s time to take the bull by the horns, dig deep and learn from your mistakes. Turn a bad into good. Education is always an excellent teacher.

Cure Boredom: Monotony is difficult for all humans, especially since our society

predicates instant gratification. A great outlet to reduce stress are self-rewards, stimulation to the body and mind. The beginning chapters, we discussed exercise. Therefore, the reward must be something to initialize brain function. Eliminate boredom by finding inner peace. In certain circumstances, you may feel trapped because of financial issues, but that is not a reason to do nothing. Excuses are another internal distraction. If this scenario is a reality for you, then partake in the activities while you create enough money to finance your life assignment.

Eliminate Conflict: To discover your purpose means ending unfounded fears, or excuses. The defiance is surfacing for a reason, uncover the issue. The deep down gut-wrenching nagging that won’t go away. It can be difficult to face the truth, but reality brings forgiveness.

Inadequate emotions: You don’t have to get it right, just get it going. Many times, our past caused the deficient feelings. The unfounded notions. We all encompass a unique purpose, find your life assignment! It’s your job to discover that talent; if you walk around afraid, the unique skill will never appear.

The unknown: A common phobia. We all suffer from the same fears; some are worse than others. You are better off to aim high and miss than aim low and hit. The undetermined future can be alarming, don’t let it become debilitating. Overcome and reap the rewards.

When distractions come to plague your life, remember the reason you started this venture. Most people forget why they started something and stop before the magic happens. Progress takes time and therefore, you must look at the small everyday hurdles. The significant obstacles will take care of themselves. By

keeping a journal of your growth patterns, it is easy to stay committed to the end. Finally, be kind to yourself. Success will prevail when you achieve inner peace.


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