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A published author and freelance ghostwriter Arizona native Lizzy McNett enjoys an illustrious career doing what she loves writing.

As her business expanded, client’s needs grew which put her artistic skills to work. She designs and markets many of her client’s books. Creating book covers and developing branding products keeps her skills sharp, as she stated.

Lizzy is an avid fan of mountain biking and hiking. She also believes the only way to find true happiness is to create your success.

         "You are the only one who can bring peace and joy into your life." ---- a paragraph from "The Power of Thought."

Lizzy McNett
Get Hired

The answers to find employment are on the pages of this book.

Get Hired was designed to give you a step-by-step guide mentoring through each layer involved in gaining employment in today’s job market. The most critical phase is just ahead. You must rebuild your employment career potential through this transition.

Unemployment is an equal opportunity experience; it skirts no one. You must not give up or quit. The key; stay and fight it's never too late.

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The Power Of Though

"Wow, Lizzy I love your message and your writing. WOW!!! Your message in that e-book, I plan to share with every young person I know...Incredible!"

tribequest July 17, 2017


"The Power of Thought" guides you instantly into the Specifics of Discovering Your Purpose. Once you acquire the realization of how your thoughts can create wealth, game over! Success is emanated; you can turn what you love to do into money.

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I’m Here to Write For You!

Deliberate Brainwork

What do you have to lose, your past is just a snapshot of the former days, the latter is yet to come? The future is a blank canvas, so go ahead and create the life you desire. Imagination is a powerful tool, at everyone’s fingertips. It is better to aim high and miss than aim low and hit. If you don’t aim at anything, you won’t hit anything. My question is, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Make a decision right now, to not let anything stop you. Begin to rid the negative thoughts from your mind. The only thing that will stop you is, YOU! We are given one destiny and one life; put things in place and create a plan. Overcome every obstacle!

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The Broncobusters

You’re Instantly taken on a journey of the Lonestar, with Mathew and Cash, his faithful steed. Mathew is born and raised on a cattle ranch partaking in the wild cow hunt, annual round-ups and ranching, but secretly his passion for horses gnaws at his soul. When Mathew’s, life is tragically changed in one fatal moment he is forced to operate the ranch alone. The ranch takes a different role when the famous foundation Quarter Horse, Steel Dust arrives with his owner Samuel Adams.

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