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 The basics concepts of credit stability are simple, but most people look at these topics like taboo, when in fact they are essential to becoming successful. In today’s society, having just an average credit rating may not be enough. Employers are beginning to check credit history to make sure an employee is a good fit. Think of you credit score as a resume, your life history. It paints a clear example of what type of person you are in real life. 

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 Your credit score is important. It determines how much credit lenders are willing to grant. Knowledge of the causes of a poor rating can help you to avoid pitfalls that can take years to correct. A bad credit score is caused by several key elements, but the main reason is your willingness to pay the bills in a timely fashion.  Listed below is a pie chart for the breakdown on percentages of your credit rating. 

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Due in part to the ever-changing complex world of technological advances and complex regulatory systems your finances are measured by cost, value, and income. All these factors define your credit creditability.

Creditworthiness is an evaluation performed by lenders to determine the possible ratios a borrower may default on his debt obligations. The rating scores such things as, repayment history and credit score.

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