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The experiences and knowledge gained throughout your life will lead you to a divinely inspired purpose. 

Why Ghost Writer Media

What do you have to lose, your past is just a snapshot of the former days, the latter are yet to come? The future is a blank canvas, so create the future you desire. Imagination is a powerful tool, at everyone’s fingertips. 


Great Choice! My services may vary from other writers, but I believe every project is unique and therefore so is the client. In that respect, it is imperative each writing project gets the dedicated time necessary to complete the manuscript properly.

Writing takes consistency, daily dedication and unstoppable commitment. Which means, there are guidelines to follow that can simplify the process. For instance, writing a book is like building a house. Unless you have a blueprint, it will be nearly impossible without help. I am here to help turn your passion into purpose. The experiences and knowledge gained throughout your life were designed will lead you to a divinely inspired purpose.   

What do you have to lose, your past is just a snapshot of the former days, the latter are yet to come? The future is a blank canvas, so create the future you desire. Imagination is a powerful tool, at everyone’s fingertips. I would rather aim high and miss than aim low and hit. If you don’t aim at anything, you won’t hit anything.

My question is, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Take yourself to the next level with Ghost Writer Media/Empower Life Publishing. 

 Decide right now, don't let anything stop you. Rid the negative thoughts from your mind. The only thing that will stop YOU is, YOU! We are given one destiny and one life. Put things in place and create a plan. Overcome every obstacle! Hire yourself as chief operator. The best is yet to come! Start your writing project, decide. It's time to leave your mark on the world.  

We are here to write for you!

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Packages to fit your budget 

If you are concerned with the cost, we offer a multitude of payment options that are sure to fit your budget. One additional benefit to becoming an author is the ability to create passive income.

Are you a business Professional?

Maybe, you are a business professional and limited on time or an individual who has an interesting life and wants to put your experiences on paper, either way, we can help.

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Ghostwriting Services


My Professional Ghostwriter Packages Include:

I'm a seasoned writer/publisher industry professional, who has worked alongside authors, literary agents, and editors. I provide the following services to give you far more than any ghostwriting company or marketplace can offer–and save you money.

Free Consultation to discuss your project
Step-by-step advice (free)
Ghostwriting and editing
Personalized, one-on-one service
Instruction on completing the writing and editing process
Quality, polished manuscripts ready for submission to agents and publishers
Guidance (at no charge) in selecting your publishing options
An in-depth explanation of how the publishing industry works Specialized Author/Branding Marketing Packages to increase sales once the book is published

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Genre Services

Creative Writing
Fiction Books
Non-Fiction Books
Business Professional
Items Press Release
Article Writing
Writing Contracts
Personal Bio's
Business Flyers
Ad Copy Content
Writing Business Profiles
Business Presentations 

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Full-Services Writing Firm Since 2007

100% Unique Written Material Keep 100% Royalties Keep 100% Control of you Book

Customers Services

One on One Communication Step by Step Guidance Outlining/Writing/Editing/Formatting Publishing/Graphic Design/Marketing

Experienced Professionals

I am here to write for you We create written material the way you want. Our experience can put your book in front of the right audience to maximize results.

Since the dawn of time humans have left their mark on cave walls. We have an innate desire to leave a legacy of our lives for others to witness. 


See how our clients have told their stories 

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial 

Ray Hollister

I'd like to give a MAJOR SHOUT OUT to Lizzy McNett... To ALL my author friends out there, or anyone who is thinking of writing a book... Recently, I went through a horrendous experience with a publishing company that was *supposed* to handle my book editing, publishing, and marketing. Long story short, the company went bust and left me hanging high and dry. I completed the process on my own and published through Amazon figuring that my hopes for a truly professional foray into the publishing world were permanently dashed. I. WAS. WRONG! I had a truly remarkable conversation with Lizzy McNett yesterday and let me just say that her depth of knowledge and customer-focused attitude far exceeded anything I have encountered before. I STRONGLY recommend to any authors who have had poor customer service with a publisher, or who have been scammed by some of these charlatans, please do yourself a favor and contact Lizzy. Here's her page - don't put this off! 

Client Testimonial - High Achievers

Joe Mungai (Returning client working on four book total) 

"Lizzy, Oh my gosh. You are awesome.! You can sense and feel what am trying to say. You have the ability to pull that out of me (from my words) and construct something beautiful from it. You are the professional writer that I have been looking for, along with many others. Thank you!

Immigration Agent/Social Worker 

Client Testimonial - Shadow of the Past

Carmichael Lewis - (Returning Client working on second book) 



Police Office/Motivational Speaker/ Fitness Coach

Client Testimonial - Love Always Your Cancer

Scott Francis Davis


Whether you are considering a publisher, ghostwriter or trusted advisor regarding any aspect of writing… look no further than Empower Life Publishing and Lizzy McNett. Lizzy has feverishly worked to help publish my first major work, Love Always, Your Cancer, and through her efforts, a global audience awaits… something that has both amazed and impressed me, to be honest. Completing a written work is one thing, having an ally, such as Lizzy and her publishing firm advancing it to a global audience. is something different. I can never thank Lizzy enough for all she has done to give my works a living, breathing voice.

Five Stars All the Way!

History Professor/ Retired Military

Client Testimonial - The Untold Story of Mathematics

Garfield Chikuse

"Lizzy, I would like to sincerely thank my editor my publisher and her team at Ghost Writer Media for her expert advice and encouragement during the entire process of the book production. Her creativity and innovation can be seen in the design of the front and back cover, as well as her insights in the design of the book itself. Without her support, the idea to write this book will be stillborn. Thank you for being patient with me as I prepared the draft."

Math Teacher - Zimbabwe

Client Testimonial Beaten but Untouched

Della Alexander (Returning client second book)

IT'S Sooooo Meeeeee Lizzy. I love it! Thank you for everything.

Client Testimonial Financial Advisor 

Chayo Briggs


"Is so impressive! She is prompt and highly professional. Her work ethic is fabulous. I am happy to have a partner in the book industry to work with!

Client Testimonial Sniper 

Marcy Mikanian

"I recommend Lizzy McNett, because she is very prompt to answer any questions you may have. She is very knowledgeable, so easy to work with and her fee is very reasonable . I really like working with her. Thanks Lizzy Your friend in Ontario, Canada "

Hello, Ghostwriter Lizzy McNett


Hiring a ghostwriter should not seem like a daunting task. However, it is important to know what your project will entail. Once you have created a plan than finding someone to write the book will be much easier. Beware, the experience can create somewhat of an intimate relationship. Therefore, hiring a writer with skills to complete the book, plus establish a compatible connection is highly important. In most cases, every writer will vary, and a set process that works for them. ​

At that point, the project specifications will depend on the books genre, topic and result. Any non-fiction books the author should provide the writer with any necessary information to write the book, along with guidelines on the research for the project. It is best to create a detailed outline and index of chapter titles broken down into individual sections and topics.   

About Me - Lizzy McNett

Refine Until You Shine

A freelance ghostwriter, Arizona native Lizzy McNett B.A. enjoys an illustrious career doing what she loves: writing. Raised by her two loving parents, she spent her childhood on horseback and motorcycles. Her mother, a graduate of Layton Art School in Wisconsin, provided the genetic background to follow her dreams.

During her second year in college for fine arts, her younger sister was tragically killed in a car accident at seventeen. Incidences such as these leave permanent scars. As her business expanded, her clients’ needs grew, which put her artistic skills to work. She designs and markets many of her clients’ books; creating book covers and developing branding products keeps her skills sharp.

Lizzy may not train horses anymore, but her heart still lives in their sacred allure. She graduated from college and went back to her first love, horses.

Lizzy’s career as an equestrian professional lasted for over thirty years. Her instruction came from Hall of Fame trainers like Peter Kyle and Lightning Leonard Moore. Both taught Lizzy the art of patience and perfection.

         Leonard instructed, “The only way to survive in this world is the work for what you want. Nothing is handed to you on a silver platter.” And work is what she did.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, her business management skills became second nature.

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